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decorating-bathroomWhen a homeowner or renter is interested in decorating their bathroom, they need to have the information that they need at hand. Since there are several issues that they will need to consider completely before attempting the job, this article will assist them in their efforts.

Accessories Or Accents Should Be Small In A Bathroom To Create The Illusion Of Space

Smaller accessories or accents are necessary in a bathroom. Too big of an item will make the room appear to be cluttered. Keep the items smaller to give the room a finished but open look. Silver or gold are great colors for accessories or home improvements like high pressure shower heads to give any bathroom an added lift to its look and functionality.

The Use Of Mirrors In Bathrooms

One of the best items to use in a bathroom are mirrors. They can provide a smaller room with more light. Mirrors can be put up in various sections of the bathroom. It’s important to note how the items are to be attached to the walls and to follow the instructions carefully. To find the best mirrors and other accessories considering visiting Top Rate Ten because they have nicely sorted selections of quality product suggestions.

Colors Are Important In Bathrooms

Paler colors will create a larger space. A bathroom should have pale colors so that it looks bigger. Walls should be kept to white or off-white. Accents should be in light pinks, greens or blues. Darker colors will make it look cluttered. Choose colors that create space rather than cause it to look overcrowded.

The Use Of Curtains In A Bathroom

Curtains can be used to block off cabinets as well as cover windows. Using them to cover up cabinets will give the room a totally different look. They can be hung by a rod that fits across the upper part of the cabinets. They can also be used in front of a plastic shower curtain for a very special look to the bathroom. This is a unique way of decorating a bathroom that gives it a special flare.

Toilet Seat Covers Aren’t Necessary

For many bathrooms, toilet seat covers aren’t necessary. They will make the room appear too cluttered if they are a darker color. It’s not necessary to have one, but if a person likes them, they should stick to a pale color.

Decorating the bathroom will be an easy and enjoyable experience when a homeowner or renter uses the tips above. They will find that they will be able to create something that is really special in their bathroom.

July 7, 2015 / KathyPate

Green Interior DesignIf you want to make your home more environmentally friendly this winter, you must use the proper paint and flooring material.

The Paint

Most paints on retail store shelves contain volatile organic compounds. The chemicals in the compounds can cause nerve damage or dizziness. The good news is that many stores also sell less-toxic paints and nontoxic paints. Toxic-free products are made from casein, which is a milk protein. AFM Safecoat paint is also recommended because it does not pollute the air. However, you will have to request additional pigments if you want a particular shade of a certain color.

The Flooring

Many seasoned interior designers do not use wall-to-wall carpeting because it traps toxins and harbors allergens. Synthetic carpets cause breathing problems too since they contain volatile organic compounds.

If you cannot afford to replace your carpet, simply spray a carpet sealer on the surfaces. To maintain clean air throughout the home, vacuum the carpets every week with commercial-grade cleaning equipment.

If money is not a problem, replace your current flooring with renewable bamboo, reclaimed wood, or harvested wood. If you prefer more carpeting, purchase a 100 percent wool carpet from a eco-friendly flooring company.

Area rugs that are made of organic cotton or hemp can provide warmth and softness in hallways. Choose each rug carefully because the patterns and colors must match the décor in the surrounding area.

Bonus Advice – Decorating with Accessories

The Associated Landscape Contractors of America reported that several plants that remove carbon monoxide and formaldehyde benzene from the environment. The best plants that compliment a modern decor are peace lilies, Chinese evergreens, gerbera daisies, and English ivies. If someone has allergies, do not place any of these plants in a bedroom because there are allergens in the potting soil. The plants should be arranged in low traffic areas or in empty corners.

If you use a basic potting container, the plants will not stand out in your home. Many professional designers paint old jars and use them as pots for plants.

A few colorful flowers in an elegant vase will make your tabletop more classy. If you don’t own a classy vase, put the flowers in a can that is wrapped in a luxurious fabric.

If you implement these procedures, everyone will breathe cleaner air in your home.

July 4, 2015 / KathyPate